Important Notice: transitioning to a New Oaklisp homepage. Bugs etc should be posted to the tracker there. The version there is newer. This page is being kept until all material has been transfered.


Welcome to the Oaklisp homepage.

Oaklisp is an object-oriented dialect of Scheme with first-class types, multiple inheritance, and lexically distributed method definitions.

Our publically available (under the GNU GPL) implementation is based on a bytecode emulator, but is nonetheless reasonably fast. The data structures are set up for native code compilation, and we would welcome a native code compiler.

This homepage is nascent. Send contributions to the author below.

Current Release

Although quite usable, there are still a couple known bugs that need to be fixed, and some code that needs to be merged in. Note: the Linux transition from a.out to ELF cost us a 10% slowdown on the i386 architecture. If anyone knows how to get it back, please contact me!

Current snapshot.
Directory of recent snapshots.
Binary packages: deb's, rpm's, etc.



Updates to the emulator.
Weak pointer fixes.
Alpha port (64-bit).

Slightly later

C callouts. Threads and futures using pthreads for true parallelism. Realtime gc.

For the historians

Old Stuff

Author: Barak Pearlmutter <>