Nils' Tech Stuff

 372KB Die Anatomie einer Programmiersprache 1994 book, 135p (See Lulu Press, 2006)
1.28MB Lightweight Compiler Techniques 1996, 2002 book, 262p (See Lulu Press, 2006)
 128KB Logic Programming in Scheme 2007 book,  41p (See Lulu Press, 2007)
  29KB Mini Scheme (+strings, chars etc) 2009 program R4RS Scheme subset
 262KB Scheme 9 from Empty Space 2008 book, 130p (See Lulu Press, 2008)
 215KB Scheme 9 from Empty Space 2009 program R4RS Scheme interpreter
 428KB Sketchy LISP, 3rd. Ed. (PDF) 2008 book, 180p (See Lulu Press, 2008)
 140KB Sketchy LISP, 4th. Ed. (HTML) 2009 online book (See above)
 744KB zen-style programming 2008 book, 336p (See Lulu Press, 2008)

All of the above stuff is now in the public domain no matter what the license files in the individual packages say. In case your country does not have a concept like the public domain, this means:

-- Nils M Holm, 10/2009